Sprinkler Repair and Fertilizer Performed by a Handyman – Key to a Healthy Lawn and Landscaping

Spring season is the time for rejuvenation. Without taking the necessary steps, however, the lawn, plants and flowers can suffer. Timing is everything when it comes to having the shrubs and grasses prosper and there are several steps the home owner needs to do in order for the lawn to look its best.

If the shrubs and trees have not been pruned and trimmed back by March 1st, the home owner can still squeak in and take care of this task. By mid-March, it can be risky to remove limbs and cut back bushes due to possible insect and disease problems. Assuming this has been taken care of sufficiently, a spring start-up should be performed. https://mrsprinklerrepair.com/

A spring start-up can help ensure that the home owner will have a gorgeous property. Inspecting the sprinkler system is the first major step. With the below freezing temperatures the past winter has delivered, sprinkler pipes and sprinkler heads could have easily cracked. When this occurs, it is extremely important to repair a cracked pipe as soon as it becomes apparent.

The reason for this is to reduce the chances of dirt and debris from passing through the pipes and clogging every sprinkler head. It can be very time consuming and expensive to disassemble every sprinkler head or even sprinkler valves and blow out the system. After blowing out the system and adjusting any sprinkler heads to the proper spray pattern and throw, a high quality pre-emergent weed control fertilizer needs to be applied.

Different species of grass and plants require specific types of fertilizer in order to maximize its effectiveness. There is a series of three numbers on every bag of fertilizer. The easy rule of thumb in remembering what these numbers mean is “up-down-and all around”.

The first number refers to the percentage of nitrogen within each batch of fertilizer. The second number refers to the percentage of phosphorus and the last number indicates the level of potassium found within the batch. For the purposes of the lay person, nitrogen helps the plant or grass grow upward. Phosphorus helps to create a strong root base and potassium assists with the spreading of the plant or grass.

There are different fertilizer spreaders on the market and most of them do a poor to mediocre job at fertilizing the lawn well. Despite that, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the fertilizer package in order to prevent “burning” the grass. Different brands of spreaders require different settings. Paying proper attention to the settings can help prevent expensive re-sodding or installing grass plugs.

Spring start-ups are usually labor intensive and time consuming for the average home owner to do on their own. Rather than call a big name lawn care company, which will charge a premium, an experienced handyman familiar with the local conditions and requirements can save a bundle of money.

The key to finding the right person is to ask a lot of questions. If the handyman is not more than willing to help educate the customer and show their expertise, keep looking until the right one is found. There are many handyman services to choose from, but it can be quite difficult to find a reliable and professional handyman. When the home owner does find the right one handyman, hold on to them.